Why you should include Sushi in your meal?

Sushi is a Japanese dish prepared with vinegared rice that is generally rolled in a pressed leaf known as nori. There can be many variants of sushi depending on the type of filling in it and side serving. The only ingredient that remains common in all kind of sushi is rice. The rice can be either brown or white or of any other kind.

The most common side servings with sushi is boiled vegetable, raw seafood, pickled ginger, soy cause, shredded omelet and whatever you want. Make sure you do not confuse sushi with sashimi. Sashimi is a related Japanese dish that consists of sliced raw meat and serving of rice is optional in it.
The reason why sushi is famous all over the world is because it tastes good and provides several heath benefits as well. Many dietitians suggest eating sushi to reduce weight and look fit as it is a great source of protein, vitamins, iodine and carbohydrates. The various benefits of eating sushi are as follows:
• High nutritional value- sushi has high nutritional value and the wasabi in it is said to be a great anti oxidant. The main part of sushi that is the seafood contains omega-3 and selenium and provides minerals and proteins as well. This is why sushi can be called a whole meal.
• It is low in calories- sushi is recommended for people who desire to lose some calories. They are not only high in nutrition but also contain low amount of calories that help you in losing weight.
• Protects the heart- as sushi has omega-3 components which are a blessing for heart health it is recommended for the people suffering from heart disease.
• Boosts immune system- it helps in immunizing our body.
Apart from the above benefits sushi has various other health related benefits such as controlling the blood pressure, prevention of cancer betterment of digestive system and many more.