Why should you use DaaS for Desktop?

The desktop as a Service or DaaS, in short, is meant to offer greater flexibility & accessibility to the users. It is a cost saving solution to any type of company and offers ease of administration as well. Today, virtualization and the cloud are the two main frontiers in the technology world. It’s true that the desktop as a service is increasing the position by getting popular in this space. With daas, the company data is no longer stored on the users’ devices and, therefore, it is less vulnerable to viruses, any kind of thefts or other security problems. All data interaction takes place in the secure and remote cloud infrastructure. The local device is just a window to the remote experience.

DaaS typically uses the architecture with multi-tenancy; that means that a single application request can be served to more than one user, known as “tenants”. The provider has to be responsible to manage the clouds. Level services may vary according to the needs of the company.

The outcome of the infrastructure is that users can easily access the applications and data from almost any tool and from anywhere. That also provides greater data security, a simpler migration of the platform, enhanced disaster recovery, and a new desktop conditioning in no times. DaaS also has the ability to help alleviate compliance problems and reduce costs for many companies.

With DaaS, IT departments don’t have to bother to manage any virtual infrastructure. This can be handled by the daas providers. The communication in the background includes the network, the servers, the users’ desktops and the hosted applications. DaaS is usually better for SMEs. Without a doubt, it makes sense for companies that want to reduce costs, and that lack the finances for a full-time systems administrator.