What You Must Know About Firefly 2

You most likely came across reviews and many sites that assert that the Firefly 2 is efficient. Even in my firefly 2 review, I reached the issue of the Firefly 2 efficacy. But, what exactly does that mean? What gets a Vaporizer efficient or not? In this particular article I will describe why should your care, and what makes the Firefly 2 so efficient.

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To understand Vaporization Efficiency we need to consider two areas that are closely related:
Haw many “Highs” you get for your buck. If we test let’s say, significance, 1 g of medical weed- which vaporizer will give the most effect out of your stuff to you.
How much of your stuff is being absorbed the way much goes to waste, and by your body.
The two are connected but I still I believe a separation needs to be produced. Let us analyze both facets.

First, let us talk about how using weed in a vaporizer even functions, without being overly technical. When you vape Cannabis (or have in other ways), the chemical substances that’s the medical benefits (and allows you to feel the “High”) are Cannabinoids (examples: THC, CBD..). The Cannabis plant contains 85 different types of Cannabinoids, each interacting with all the receptors in your brain in a way that is different. When you Vape Medical Weed (or smoke it), you might be inducing the discharge of the particles (see table below with release points) enabling inhalation and absorption by your body.

In the table above- While vaping medical cannabis the key kinds of Cannabinoids as well as their release points.
Actual vaporization occurs when the vaping temperature is reached by you, however do not pass it to a stage where your stuff is becoming burned.