What Is Carrageenan And What Are Its Benefits?

There has been a lot of talk around about some natural preservative known as carrageenan. Some say it to be a useful compound while others deem it as potentially hazardous. Well, before we look into that, let’s first try to find out what it actually is.
Well, carrageenan is a chemical compound that is made using parts of different seaweeds or red algae. It has widespread uses and the most common one of them is its use as an additive in many of the processed foods found in the market nowadays. Besides, it is also used in medicine that is meant to cure coughs, tuberculosis, intestinal problems as well as bronchitis. In France, a form of this compound is used for treating peptic ulcers. They prepare it by adding some acid at high temperatures to the naturally obtained compound. This form is also used as bulk laxative there. It is also applied directly to skin sometimes to get rid of any discomfort around anus area.
Besides its uses as a medicine, the compound is used in manufacturing as well. The manufacturers use it as a thickening agent, binder and stabilizer in different foods, toothpastes and in medications as well. It is also present in different products used for weight loss.
As far as the safety of the use of this compound is concerned, one should keep it in mind that there are two types of carrageenan available these days. One is food-grade and the other is known as degraded one. The food-grade compound is FDA approved to be used as an additive in the processed foods and is considered completely safe. It has many positive effects and can prove to be quite beneficial if used properly.
So, if you are not yet convinced, click here and find out more about this natural compound and the many benefits that it can deliver.

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