What different types of physical activity monitor available in the market?

Different types of physical activity monitor
There are different types of physical activity monitor devices are available in the market at present. The MOX eHealth is a most useful and reliable physical activity monitor, which is used to monitor as well as support the lifestyle of people. The MOX e-Health sensor is certified through the worldwide Medical team as one of the most useful as well as valuable devices for monitoring and supporting hundreds of patients on features of physical activity.
Performance of MOX eHealth device
The compact as well inconspicuous wireless accelerometer is positioned on the waist to measure the level of physical activity accurately. It also does movement through daily living activities. It is a portable and lightweight device and it can analysis the measured signals having Accelerometry algorithms and can be able to transmit them to a user interface without any wire.
The performance measurements can be analyzed with algorithms to remove real information for the patient as well as a care provider. Some validated algorithms are also available, but the proprietary algorithms can also be entrenched as well as authenticated. You may use an app for collecting and visualize directly the activity data to the patient.
Connecting to the eHealth portals you can be able to enable activate the care providers to monitor as well as carry their patients in real time. The eHealth providers can be able to tie together the control of medical grade activity monitoring using MOX eHealth sensors.
MOX Accelerometry sensor value proposal
• 24×7 data without any break-up – This MOX sensor provide the facility of data collection without any interruption because of best possible body placement along with waterproof design. There is no need of removing the device during sleep.
• Data available instantly – The accumulated data is instantly suited for statistical analysis. The estimated data is available for detail analysis as well as quantity validation
• Low software investment – Comprehensive data storage via optimal certified research database.