What can you do with a door stopper?

A door stopper can be describe as an object with only one purpose being the ability to hold a door, by preventing it not to be wide open or closed. Most of the doorstop are developed with the ability to fit inside a doer frame ensuring that the door does not swing through when closed.The door stopper can stop from swinging by converting it to a single direction.

The stopper can be built with a heavy solid metal, or a rubber in order to hold the door when placed in the right path of the door. The use of leadbrickshave been disapproved because of its toxic when revealed. Most people prefer making a door stopper locally with woods while those with no knowledge on how to build a doorstop will purchase theirs.
Door stopper can as a wedge of wood, rubber plastic and cottonor. The wedge will be attached at the downward side of the door in order to jam the door while providing a high rate of static friction to hold the door. You can equip the door with a stopping machine with the use of a short joined with a rubber to provide high friction on material. It can be attached on the door near the hinge of the door near the closing side.
Once the door has been kept open the bar will swung up allowing the door to move swinging but once the flip is moved down moving the door to its closed end slowly will increase the frictional force. The frictional force between the rubber that touches the floor with opposing the closing movement allowing the doorstays still. The door stop can be removed later by pushing the door slightly more open which will force the stopper to close releasing the door to start swinging again.