What are the causes for which the br1m 2018 application may be cancelled?

The br1m 2018 is an ideal aid which assists you and guides you how to apply in right way to achieve your goal. It has been seen that the applications of different applicants for various purposes have been cancelled in the primary stage while it is scrutinized. Thus the applicants do not get any feedback from their applications.

There are so many causes that are why your application may be cancelled or disqualified. There are also plenty of causes for which the BRIM 2018 applications may be failed. If you go through the internet you will find the mistakes for which your BRIM application may be cancelled when scrutinize.
Causes for which your BRIM application may be cancelled
• If it is not updating with information in BRIM application within earlier three consecutive years particularly BRIM recipients.
• If the ability of the applicants to own a car exceeds the eligibility criteria.
• If the agency finds that household income of the applicant is exceeding RM4000
• If the agency finds that the individual income of the applicant is over RM2000
• There is no information about spouse but applicants are married
• The married information is unavailable in case of married person
• If the liability information is not furnished in the application
• If the MyKad number is unavailable in the data of the National Registration Department that you mentioned in your application
• The name of the applicant is not matching with JPN data
• If more names as application exist.

And many more mistake or incomplete information in your application for which your application for brim 2018 may be cancelled.
Why will you go through the semakan brim 2018?
So, you should investigate online in due course of time after submission of your application whether your application has been granted or not. The internet will surely be helpful to you to know more about semakan brim 2018 and get the tips how to apply successfully so that it can be granted.