Ways to permanently delete files from device

None of the file gets permanently erased from the computer. It only moves to a recycle bin of your computer. Even if the data is removed from the recycle bin then also there is some space where the data resides. The recovery tools make use of this space to recover the files. Recovery of files is not always the priority for every user. Some users permanently delete files to secure it. It happens in cases like when you give your device to someone else.

Therefore, to make sure that no other user or software can recover the file you must permanently erase files . But before erasing the data make sure that you want to do it. First, clear the file explorer or finder. The next step is to clear the tool like recycle bin, trash folder or any other tool that your device use to recover the file. It is necessary because that is the first place where the person looks for a deleted data.
Hard drive
The older desktop has hard drives called as HDD. Recovering from them is easy and quick. Hence to permanently delete files or folder a third party program can help you here. These programs overwrite the space with any random data, and it becomes difficult to get the original file back. The programs are available in various ranges of prices, and you can choose according to your needs.

SSD drives
Laptop made by apple has SSD drives. The storage is ubiquitous and faster on these drives, but they are expensive. File deletion is handled in a different manner than the mechanical drives. Thus, the method to permanently erase files on the hard drive does not work with SSD drives. SSD encrypt the disk with a password thus no other user can unlock the code to open the file. The only danger is that if the person knows your password.
Above are the ways to permanently delete files from the device to keep it safe from any unauthorized user.