Tips to make a fake id

There are number of industries who are engaged in the fake id business just to gain profit. These days everything is reproduced and look exactly like the original item. People are familiar with the fake id, electronic items, fake cosmetics, etc. the fake items are actually available in the market and people are consuming it. Especially people living in the other country use the fake id without getting caught.

Let’s discuss few ways to generate fake id
• Scan the id: Make sure to get the front and the back both the matter in the id to be scanned so that it will be easy for the people to generate your fake id.
• Edit the scan image using image editing program: There are many different websites that offer editing of the scan imaged. For the editing the Photoshop is very essential to have a good and the natural quality of image.
• Add new photo: Try to insert the same size photo that is used in the valid id to give it an original look. Adjust all the brightness and the contrast in the photo that match the original one.
• Edit the written matter: After changing the photo, now it’s time to change the written matter in the id like name, birth date, expiry date, issuing date, etc. and place the fake one.
• Take a print of new id in the heavy cardstock: Make sure to print both the back and the front end of the fake id, just to make it original for the people.
• Cut it accurately: Cut the sides of the id accurately that it exactly be like the original one. The id size should be the same as the original id.
• Attach the two ends: Add glue to attach the two end of the id properly. The end should be stick properly to give it an original look.
• Add holograms: The last step is to place the holograms before laminate the id. click here to get more information fake drivers license.