The Growth of Best Fiends

It is often said from the world of free-to-play growth that launch a match is the beginning, not the ending.
These are not boxed products published onto store shelves and never to be worked again. All these are games-as-a-service that needs continuous operation and upgrading, frequently over a span of many years. has been exploring the Making Of notable games shortly after the launch, but what happens after a game is released?
In an effort to learn, this routine feature will speak with the programmers behind maturing live matches in their experience up to now. It is possible to read all preceding entries here.

In this entry, we talk to Petri, CCO at seriously, on the 2014 fitting puzzler Best Fiends.
With Best Fiends now over two years old, just how can you reflect on its own functionality – from launching to the older name it’s now?
Petri: Building a brand new startup and success with our very first launch was something which occurs infrequently, so all this has been quite exciting.
On a lot of levels, it seems as though we are still only getting started. When we started the match, we went extremely early with the first center of the match – we all had about 100 levels at start, today we are over 1,000 – then actually started building it up with the crowd.
We treat the program like a live support with upgrades every 3 weeks, including more information, features, and personalities and slowly showing all over the planet.
The Best Fiends series has become over 60 million downloads, using over $65 million earnings.
Overall the match has done nicely. We are currently over 60 million downloads – using over $65 million earnings – life on Best Fiends and Best Fiends Forever, and the matches are rated quite highly with fantastic retention and everyday participation.
As our final objective is to construct a new with Best Fiends that we could expand across a variety of networking, we actually concentrate on these 3 regions – and together with DAU from the 1.6 to 2 million range, it is apparent that the game is linking well with the crowd.