The mix match of nature

Some tress standing tall over the crust of the Mother Earth have proved highly beneficial for the humans who depend over the nature’s belongings to create a support stem for their tendril like existence story. The times have seen early man looking for food in the hunt of animals in the wild for supporting the fire of stomach and on the same time resisting the attacks of those animals itself. Therefore, it has been a mix match for the humans where the nature proves lethal for them on the first hand and on the other proves out to be rightful to support the life.

Similarly, it is the oil extracted from the trees of tea, known as the tea tree oil that is apparently beneficial for the reason it comes out in existence from the tree leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia, but it is the most lethal combination of different compounds that can claim the life of a person if taken as oral consumption. Thus, the tea tree oil although comes out of the medicinal plant, but it is not necessary that it is medicinal too.

However, it is medicinal too but when used in proportions of small amounts. So, it can be seen being used in the preparation of medicines and other cosmetics that decreases the chances for the occurrence of any acne, fungal infection and lice in the hair. But there lies no proof of the use of the tea tree oil in the treatment of above mentioned products, but it is true for the traditional use that it has certain medicinal benefits. So traditional concepts prove it true while the modern sciences defy it. Thus, it is both bane and boon for the man who feels safe under the motherly love of Earth.