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Can Siri be slowing down your Mac?

Mac OS Sierra users, albeit a small portion of them, are facing a weird problem where Sierra is slowing down their Macs. Though this doesn’t happen all the time, it can be very annoying when you call up Sierra to assist you with a query or task and all it does is slow down your Mac!

There’s a couple of fixes that can fix this. First, it could just be a Microphone conflict error on your Mac that is causing confusion that is causing your Mac to slow down. You see, your Mac’s dictation uses your Mac’s inbuilt Microphone and so does Sierra. Sometimes, there is conflict over which app gets to use the microphone and your Mac starts to freeze and slow up when this conflict is not resolved. To work around this, all you have to do is disable one of the two when using the other. Though this isn’t ideal, it is at least a temporary fix that will give you your Mac back.

To disable voice dictation, go to your Keyboard settings and change dictation settings there. You can disable it temporarily.

If Siri still continues to give you problems, go to System Preferences and then to Siri and see how Siri’s settings are set up. Try disabling Siri and then enabling it back again. Also, make sure that the correct Microphone is set to activate Siri. If you are using more than one Mic, like when you use headphones with an inbuilt Microphone, Siri can get confused about which one is your primary Microphone, thereby causing performance issues.

The good thing about these fixes is that they are one time fixes, meaning that you won’t have to do them repeatedly. For more tips on general Sierra troubleshooting and also to understand why is my mac so slow all of a sudden, please visit the link just given.