Why are political cartoons important for us?

A cartoonist is a person who is a specialist in drawing cartoons, and vertical cartoonist is one who can effectively draw political cartoons based on contemporary political news and related events. They have an analytical method of thinking and sharing their views while trying to make a point. Most of them consider themselves as visual journalists instead of some sort of artist. In order toreally understand the hidden meaning behind the political cartoons; you must have at least some information on the topic of discussion.

Different techniques used in political cartoons
Political cartoons have a series of techniques with which you can express your views on a particular particle subject, without actually modifying the news itself. Cartoonists have different methods to convey their messages and caricature is one such important technique to execute the characteristics of an individual so that they are more likely to be recognized easily.
Another such technique is analogy where the cartoonists use images as well as words to explain a difficult situation. Advice that people should look critically at such cartoons which will help them to interpret their reactions properly. Political cartoonists are also termed as opinion formers where the opinionsplay an important role in designing a particular card.
When a graphical artist takes up the courage to become a political cartoonist, there is always the purpose behind it. His main agenda is to display something of political importance and relevance during a particular time.
Most of the political cartoons tend to be funny because they are not always straightforward in the message they are conveying. These cartoonists are also termed as opinion formers where the opinions about a particular topic they have depicted in their political cartoons and other drawings.