What are Katana and what is the difference between Katana and Samurai Sword?

What are Katana?
Once upon a time, the Katana were a type of traditionally prepared Japanese swords. Those swords were used by ancient as well as feudal Japanese namely samurai. In accordance with the appearance of Katana, it is characterized by different category such as single-edged blade consisting of a square or circular guard along with large grip so that it can accommodate two hands. The deference in sizes between the Katana and the shorter Wakizashi is also seen.

Two types of sword in Japan
However, the Katana is basically defined as the typical sized moderately curved Japanese sword that contains a blade length more than sixty centimeters. There are two types of sword available one is a curved, single-edged blade, slender having a circular or squared guard and other is a long grip to house two hands.
It is linked historically with the other type of swords namely samurai of feudal Japan. The samurai sword is the heart of the all specialized swords in the East. It is a special type of sword and mostly similar with katana swords. If you visit the Internet and search different websites of traditional swords, then you will definitely find out the pictures of a samurai sword. You will also understand the special mechanical design as well as uses of this sword. There are lots of sellers of both Karana swords and samurai swords you will find the internet.
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