Why Use LED Grow Lights For The Indoor Plants?

There are lots of advantages to using LEDs to grow your crops indoor. In this article we’ll explore
what are LED lights and the gap between LEDs and HPS (High Pressure Sodium) bulbs.

LED grow lights have already been getting a great deal of hype in the last few years. This new technology is reportedly much more effective than other type of grow lights for numerous factors. Primarily these lights save a great deal of energy. LED’s are light emitting diodes and those little, luminous lights reveal a good deal of promise. These are just a Few Reasons why they’ve been gaining a following:

Energy Efficiency – they use energy far more efficiently than another kind of light significance less electricity used. These lights, based upon the manufacturer, conserve up to 40 – 75 percent on power costs while generating the identical amount of light.

Long Life Span – All these lights have a much longer life compared to other bulbs, lasting as long as 50,000 to 100,000 hours compared to the 5,000 to 10,000 hour life span of high pressure sodium bulbs.

Less heat – Because of those lights effective utilization of power that they produce much less heat than other bulbs. The significant advantage of this simple fact is that you aren’t going to have to use exceptional fans and heating equipment to maintain your indoor plants trendy. All these are also less likely to burn off your indoor plants. Another advantage is that the low fire hazard.

LED’s also don’t require all of the accessories like ballasts that other kinds of lights need.
Better light spectrum – this is definitely the most controversial thing about LED’s. When many manufacturers will assert that their lights possess the more optimal light spectrum many evaluations still contradict this significant fact. The most crucial issue to notice is that you get exactly what you pay for. Cheap LED grow lights can create less light while the more expensive ones may cost you a cent and still fall just short of growing a completely generating indoor plant.