Why & How of Electronic Cigarettes – A Technological Twist to Vintage

In this day and age of technology, the age old traditional experience of lighting up a cigarette on a cold winter’s day or after a long, tiring day at work is quickly curbed by the health risks of inhaling the fumes emanating from a burning mix of tobacco and other choice ingredients that make up a cigarette. More and more people are becoming educated about the deleterious effects of smoking, not only to themselves, but also to people who happen to be around them when they light up. It should come as no surprise then that with the advent of technology that an alternative to the traditional “lighting up” has been put forth in the form of the Electronic Cigarette.

First seen in China, the E-Cigarette has seen a dramatic increase in consumer demand over the years. This tobacco-free product attempts to offer all the pleasures of a regular cigarette without any of the side effects.
The e-cigarette or Electronic Hookah principally consists of a power source, a vaporization chamber and a cartridge of liquid. When you puff on it as you would a traditional cigarette, the power source causes a heating element in the vaporization chamber to heat up and convert the liquid in the cartridge to turn into a vapor. Thus, it is smoke free and tobacco free, but not nicotine free. The liquid contains mainly, nicotine, flavoring agent(s), a principal solvent and few additives.
There are quite a few flavors available. There is even a few which do not contain any nicotine at all, aimed mainly at those who want the full sensory experience of a cigarette without any of the drawbacks. The battery provides limited power and needs to be recharged with some regularity, depending on the frequency and intensity of your usage. The Hookah Pen principally has a larger capacity battery, a comparatively bigger cartridge and an optional attachment to get the maximum amount of vapor from the liquid with each puff.
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Fact about Vapor and Electronic cigarettes

It stands to reason why, when you are looking for the best 2016 electronic cigarette, you wish to be sure you understand how these work and the strategies that are best to find the ones that are correct. Chances are you have more than likely heard the best electronic cigarettes look like the real thing but do not give off any of the nasty byproducts like smoke and carcinogens. Nevertheless, there are some differences that are huge and you should be mindful all the people that are using what they consider to be the best cheap eliquid call the act vaping rather than smoking.

Here are several theories which you’ll have to comprehend so you are knowledgeable about New Age vaping and the large differences between old school smokings if you are looking for the best electronic cigarette. Among the newer theories that individuals must understand is all about where the vapor from these e cigarettes comes from and it’s not the same as the combustion that originates from burning tobacco when you light a cigarette that is normal.
Where there is smoke…

Firstly, you must understand that when practically anything burns there’s smoke and in the instance of the tobacco that burns with a cigarette, the smoke that lingers clings to even the breath of people and clothing later. In addition, it carries some of the dangerous substances that can do the most damage. Scientifically speaking, vapor is the state of something that is warmed. Things that start out as cheap eliquid, compared to solids like tobacco, constantly become vapor compared to smoke, which’s among the large differences between smoking and vaping.

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