Money Can Make Monsters Of People If Not Used Right

Money has its own importance in life. Of course, we need money to buy all the necessities and comforts life has to offer but along life’s journey we may be missing out on the little things in life in our never ending quest for money. We have stopped smelling the roses as they say.
Any rich person will tell you how hard he has worked to make all that money and how much he has had to sacrifice along the way.

Take the case of a celebrity net worth, his net worth may run into billions but where is the time to enjoy all those billions when all he does from morning to evening is attend one function after another until everything begins to look the same after a while. Is the celebrity known more for his talent or for the mansion he owns in the most expensive neighborhood in the city? My guess would be that person is known more for his lavish lifestyle than for his artistic pursuits.

Man has become so materialistic and who can we blame but ourselves.
Right from childhood we are teaching kids that it is ok to compete with others in terms of who has the best of everything. If your kid has what he thinks is the latest gadget in the market, his friend comes along with the super latest. This sets off a dispute and argument between the kids and parents and finally it the kids who win.

This kind of attitude will only teach your child to value a person only on the basis of his net worth and not for his true self. Such kids turn into snobbish, arrogant, self-centered adults who would never respect anyone but themselves.That is why it has become necessary to inculcate in children from the school level moral values and a higher level of understanding.