Shadow dagger real life csgo knives

In the game, if counter striker there are various shadow daggers real cs go knives. These knives are not only in the mind of developers, csgo knives irl are also available. Under the shadow dagger section, there are 6 types of real csgo knives are used.

• Shadow Daggers Tiger Tooth
It is sharp and durable which has got stainless steel blade. It is made using precise CNC machine and it is covered with alluring patterns made in the high-end power painting technology. It has a finish if gloss coating which makes it aimersattack knives and csgo knives in real life. It comes at a price of €42.00. Its weight is .172kg and overall length is 13.90cm.
• Shadow Daggers Bloody Mary
It is also another real-life csgo knife which is made using CNC machine. Its sheath includes the aimersAttack Nylon Sheath, its blade material is NC6 steel with the hardness of 52 HRC. Moreover, its weight is .172kg with the blade length of 8.50 cm and overall length of 13.90 cm.
• Shadow Daggers Blue Steel
The shadow dagger Blue steel can be described as the sharp and stainless steel built. The handle is made of the extremely durable ABS which is a durable and reliable plastic to give a firm grip. This gives it the feel that real cs go knives have. The Blue Steel is also available at a price of 31 Euros. Its overall length is 13.90cm.

• Shadow Daggers Slaughter
The blade has been designed to resemble the clean and sharpness of the sword. The blade of the knife is made using precise CNC machines which result in the thin yet sharp blade. The blade gives the knife the feel of csgo knives in real life. Its weight is .172 kg and overall length is 13.90cm.

Apart from these types of shadow dagger knives, there are other two knives namely Shadow Daggers Rainbow Smoke and Shadow Daggers Case Hardened.