Sachs: cleaning system for electronic contact surfaces:

Electronic contact surfaces can be present everywhere in the cars, environmental impacts like humidity which can cause corrosion of the contacts. The Sachs cleaning system will allows you to clean the contacts safely and reliably. The contaminated contact leads to voltage drops that are caused by higher translation resistance. The failures of the vehicles such as sparkling headlight sound in the dual-mass flywheel which results in poorly performing the contacts. Therefore the electronic contact should be checked at regular intervals and clean if it is necessary. In some cases it includes the required tools and accessories for the cleaning of contact surfaces. The stiff extensions allows for cleaning of hard-to-reach contact surfaces.

Sachs kupplung – demands and reliabilities
The demand of Sachs kupplung increases in performance and torque can be accomplish through the chip tuning. This can leads to higher damage on the drive clutch, transmission, drive-shafts, and tires. For those, the demand is high in the chip tuned vehicles and supercharger alteration, the performance of the Sachs is developed. Sachs clutch presentation is the first choice for demanding the car drivers. These clutches also deliver higher transmittable torque with higher stability, longer life and greater thermal resistance. The main advantage is having great value not only in superior tuned vehicles.

Sport kupplung
Sports kupplung is the phenomenon of competitor under difficulty .The necessary for the sport clutch is concentration for success, to perform well, and can changes the result of the game. The sport clutch movement comes in the form of defensive plays. The sport clutches are being used globally on countless race tracks. The touring car masters has been providing with clutches for many years already. The valuable experience from the field of sports is incorporated in the improvement of innovative tuning products. The sports clutch offers in clear dynamics.