Polygraph Tests for Several Politicians

Due to the amount of scandals and political corruption in Valencia and the amount of lobbyists and bribes that go on we need to give lie detector tests to all politicians every year. Any politician who fails to pass a prueba del poligrafo (Polygraph test) needs to be thrown from office and lose their pension.

When a politician takes off as they take an oath to defend the wellbeing and lives of the Spanish people and also to support the Constitution of the Spain. The number one job of the government is to safeguard the Spanish people and it is clear they are able to care less about anyone else but themselves when they have been busy taking bribes.

We have to provide a lie detector test annually to every single politician in Valencia to prevent the scandals and political corruption which goes on each and every day. One of the questions which is inquired; have you slept with a hooker paid for or given to you to make use of by a lobbyist? Have you in the past year taken a bribe for the vote or influence in Valencia or with the authorities? Have you ever lied under oath? Have you lied to the Spanish people? If thus about what?

Questions such as these can protect the Spanish people in the scandals and political corruption in Valencia and make sure that the politicians carry on the Constitution of the Spain. Contemplate this in 2006.

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