Penis Extender Questions and Recommendations

In this article, I will discuss penis extenders.

How does the penis extender device work?

The extender device will fin at either end of the penis and will exhort a gentle expansion of the penis. The stretching will eventually cause tissue cells to split and reform causing new tissue. This can add significant length and girth to the penis. As the penis gains length, the extender device can be adjusted to keep the tension on the penis.

Is traction a medically approved method?

Of course, it is known and well documented in cases of healing after burns, injury, surgery, and trauma. What traction does for you is stretch the tissue; this causes the cells in the tissue to split when this happens, the cells fill in and continue to grow, thus adding new tissue. When this type of traction is applied to the penis, it will actually gain tissue and your penis becomes larger.

Are these Male Enhancement devices safe?

Yes, most of them are .
You will want to do some research though. Make sure you choose one that is from a reputable company that has been around for a while. The companies that have been manufacturing these penis stretching devices for a length of time will have documented clinical studies and medical endorsements. The good companies will also have a good money back guarantee. Some of the “knock offs” can cause injury. In order to make sure that the penis extender is safe, make sure you use it as directed.
You should follow the instructions and make sure you do not use the extender too much. This can cause pain and injure the tissues in the penis. The penis extender should also fit you comfortably, barring a small amount of discomfort when you first start using it. Learn more at


Result: 0.30 inches within 6 months
It is Comfortable to wear to some extent
Price: $300 to $400 depending on the model.
Description: Pro Extender was made to provide the correct amount of traction. Some urologists and plastic surgeons rate the pro extender to be an effective device. It is a medical penis extender because it is used in clinics and hospitals.
It was designed and produced in Denmark by a medical urologist who has years of experience in learning and analyzing the effectiveness of penis enlargement extender. It is made to give gentle and painless traction to the penis. The response of the body of a man wearing Pro Extender will get is a generation of tissue cells and gradual extension of his penis tissue, giving him a longer and bigger penis.


Price: $99.95
Description: Some of the persons that used the Vimax claim that there were disappointed when they wore it because it was not as comfortable as they thought it would be. It is made using one of the silicone nooses which restricts flow of blood to the penile area. It could be that they did not wear it for a long time in order to get used to it. It is the cheapest penis extender on the market with a small design.