Nothing lasts for long

The contemporary world has been never contemporary as far as the duration of prevalence oftrends is concerned. Everytime there arises a need for anything on account of drawbacks beingfaced with some present and current technologies, new inventions have been made and thedrawbacks been eliminated. Therefore, the prevalence of the current systems happens to be amatter of the short run. But what does its implications mean for the social media platforms is amatter of great interest for the business marketing concept learners.

Earlier the personal advertisement with a salesman served the marketing purposes of thebusiness firms. The salesman tried to maximize the coverage of the area allocated to him, andattract as many customers as he could. But it costed high time to the firms even after spendingso much over the training of the personnel. Then came the media of televisions and radiosthrough which the broadcasting of services and products of the firm was made, and selling wasfacilitated. But when does the world fell in the trap of internet technologies is a serious question,but it does leave the man in a better world than before.
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