Money is what runs the world today

Can money really not buy happiness?
Money cannot buy happiness; as is often said and repeated by people over and over again in an attempt to prove the futility in the pursuit of the fruitless endeavor. How true it is though being a matter of debate that perhaps is something that cannot be resolved by mere philosophical or idealistic ramblings.

It is said that love and happiness and emotional belongingness are things that money can never fetch someone but even these age old beliefs are being challenged every day as it becomes clearer and clearer that in today’s world, it is the one with the most money who comes out on top. We live in a dog eat dog world and the only dog who can come out on top and win is the one who eats all the others; meaning that the most successful is the man who makes the most money. This may sound offensive to the ears of idealistic philosophical intellectuals but holds ever so true and is repeatedly proven to be so.

Money buys a roof over your head, money buys food for your stomach, money buys nice and expensive items that you can gift to impress that special someone you always wanted to woo; money might not exactly buy you happiness but in today’s rather tragic world, money is the door to that happiness. Money can buy you not only all the comforts and luxuries but also all the essentials that can allow you to survive in this wretched society.

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Thus, making money is not some evil deed that needs to be looked down upon but rather an art that everyone needs to acquire. It is thus not a matter of shame that you want to keep going after it and make as much of it as you can. Try your luck out at the reel king to see if you can make some quick extra bucks.