Lubricants-Wetter the better

We spend so much time on how we can do in lovemaking, all types of questions from how, why, what, who, when… we think all of this. But we always forget the mechanism of doing it. We never think about Lubricant which are really important. Our store offers the best deal of lubricants with different brands and all types in the world.

There are different lubricants according to your sexual needs. One of the time when a woman gets aroused she becomes wet. This is a safe and natural mechanism of the women’s body to start the process of intercourse.

But it is not that simple every time. There are different factors that affect the natural lubricant of the women. One of them is that you are bad at foreplay and she is not aroused. Well if not that then her menstrual cycle can be the cause because that time is when her hormones are imbalanced. Age can be a factor too. As per growing age the hormones secretion affects in lot more ways. Stress, health status or sometimes some medication also affect it.

For that you can have the remedy of using lubricants, there are different types of lubricants and different brands according to the need. But they are not just for this purpose but can actually be the fun part. Introducing lubricants increases the pleasure is said by both men and women.

The water based lubricants are nice and feels natural but are nit long lasting whereas the silicon based lubricantsare nice and long lasting. They are more snickering and gives a very smooth experience but they cannot be used with silicon sex toys. Oil based lubricants can be great and natural as they are. They are thicker and give a slippery feel. Use of any lubricant is nice until they are used safely and precaution is maintained.