Know how Microcemento Rome gives good look to your home

Microcement coating is a trademark of Microcemento Rome. It is good and versatile material, that enables to create unique spaces with full of colors and desired pattern. Micro cement helps interior designer to design walls, floors and all kind of surface in exclusive way. This product is chose by all interior designers to give superiority and distinction to the spaces.

Micro cement roma is smooth cementitious, product with polymer coating. Micro cement is 2mm thick coating with great adhesive quality that exhibits on multiple surfaces. It is work that deal with renovation work without removing existing material. The swift renovation of your surface with micro cement saves money and time of yours.
Main characteristics of microcemento roma:
• Microcemento roma creates a seamless surface.
• Easy maintenance and cleaning is possible.
• It gives minimum thickness of 2 mm to your surface.
• It has great binding capacity. It is good adhesion on surface.
• Concrete, cement, plastic, metal, asphalt, and smooth ceramics will allow micro cement to get bind.
• This product is available in wide range of patterns and colors.
• This product is so Elegance, modernity, and sophisticated.
• Micro cement gives classy look to the surface.
Application of microcement a roma is very easy compare to others. This product is so popular and used by all interior designs. This creates a unique space and colorful designs with different pattern on floors and walls. Micro cement gives a classy look to both interior and exterior surface. If you need to renovate your buildings, use micro cement, because it will create a wonderful surface without damaging any existing material. It enables you to get better look to your home. Therefore, all designers, engineers prefer micro cement and suggest their client to renovate their home with micro cement. Micro cement gives good look to your surface by its beautiful & attractive colors.