Know all in and about Bitcoin Mixer

bitcoin mixer is world’s most significant company for bitcoin tumbling money services on the internet. The transparent operation of money tumbling through bit mixer also called a mirror of Tor web browser. From last four years, Bitcoin mixer working as a tumbling service provider who mixes quantities of coins and converts them into bitcoins. On 2017, this site is getting an honor of “the largest bitcoin mixer in the world.” With or without darknet markets, still bit mixer as a great future in the upcoming years.

Step by step instructions and convert your money into bitcoins via bit mixer

• First, you have to be eligible for purchasing the bitcoins.

• Tor browser, to turn your money to cryptocurrency.

• Create your new wallet.

Darken marketplaces like Alphabay and Hansa, has a vast demand for the cryptocurrency. Lots of vendors and customers of darknet markets are already using Bitcoin Mixer to hide their money and make them secure from money tracing techniques. Bit mixers are good in hiding privacy, as well as it is a difficult task to find out the exact location and person’s identity. Their servers are located in those countries where bitcoin currencies are not in consideration.

Bitmixer has a working on mixing services of bitcoins, which help users to mask their real identities behind their bitcoin transactions on the blockchain. The blockchain is public to the world, financial history of every bitcoin transactions and also do analysis which can determine a user’s identity. Bitmixer makes bitcoin mixing famous in the world especially in between those, who purchase illegal things like drugs, etc.

Using Bitcoin mixer, even criminals start using bitcoins for their deals. Bitcoins have speculated future in darknet markets especially with the combination of bitmixer. Now government decided to stop the working of bit mixer and make it shut down to prevent the legal transactions.

Bit mixer is a web service to convert the coin currency into bitcoin currency to hide their identity.