How to use Public Discord Servers?

Video games have become very popular lately. We find all generations equally interested in video games. It is indeed a very good way to kill time. You can also interact virtually via multiplayer games. So, that is actually a big thump up from my side.

What do you mean by discord?
Discord Servers specially designed for voice chat and text chat, often very popular for gaming purposes. Discord can be used in any kind of programs like mac OS, iOS, Android, Linux and Microsoft windows. The application was launched in 6th March 2015.
There are a number of discord servers available and their list consists of
• Squad: They focus on basically gaming and anime.
• Animouto: They mainly lay stress on social interaction and promotion.
• GayDayz: This gaming community mainly focuses on LGBT, gaming and anime.
These are some Discord server List.

How do you use the Discord server for Oculus Rift users?
After the installation of the app, there will be automatic configuration. Then you should follow the steps mentioned as follows:
• There is a tiny gear icon adjoining your username in the bottom left are the Discord window. You need to first click on that icon.
• Next, you need to find ‘User Settings’, and under that, you click on the ‘voice’ icon.
• Click on ‘Rift Audio’ to select it as the input and output device
• Click on ‘Input Mode’ if you want to use push to talk and following that select a key binding for PTT.
• Click on ‘done’ when you think you have finished all the work.

How do you use Discord for Text chat?
You can find a number of text channels on the valkyire Discord server. Under the ‘Text channels,’ the channels are listed in the left corner. After the installation of Discord, you will see the #welcomechannel which has a number of relevant information.
Therefore, these are the ways you can use the Discord server.