How to Stop Procrastinating Quickly

Allow me to tell you a key agent. Overcoming procrastination is really simple. Except that the majority of people that give you guidance on procrastination are totally off the mark.

Allow me to explain with a story…

John is a guy. He live in a major town, and work a normal 9-5 job.

1 afternoon, John woke up with a headache. He did not think a lot of it, only took a painkiller, and proceeded to work.

The identical thing happened the following day, and the day following that. On the fourth day, when he woke up with a headache again, John understood that something is most likely wrong. He decided to go see a physician.

On his way there, he fulfilled a co-worker.

“Hi John, where are you off to?”

“I am just going to find a physician. I have got this headache that will not go away.”

“Oh, I’d like to get headaches also. I then discovered it was because I was not drinking enough water. You need to drink more water!”

John just smiled, nodded, and they parted shortly after. John got to the physician’s waiting room, sat down, and waited. Shortly after, another individual came in, sat down next to John, and they started speaking.

“So, what exactly are you here for?”

“I have got this headache…”

“Ah, I’d like to get headaches too! They are due to holding too much strain on your neck and neck. Here, allow me to show you some comfort exercises…”

At this time the physician called out John’s name, and he moved to the physician’s office.

Now, I will not tell you that the remainder of John’s narrative, the way the doctor identified the origin of his headache and prescribed him the right treatment. Because that is not related to us.
What is important is that the parallel to beating procrastination:

procrastination is a symptom, but not the trigger.

And like most of symptoms, you have to discover the root cause, and fix this. Fixing the symptom will be similar to always taking painkillers simply to allow the pain get worse through the years, on account of the untreated root cause.