How to identify between real Rolex and replica Rolex

Sometimes it can be very difficult to find out that a watch is real Rolex or the Rolex Replica Watch. The best way you can get out of the problem is to be with an experienced watch maker or have someone beside you from the real Rolex Company. The best of the persons are very experienced in identifying the fake ones and the original ones. But there are some tricks that can help you and using them you can detect the authenticity of the watch on your own.

The detection tips
The most important thing related with the Rolex is perfection. A minute examination of the watch may reveal some small errors in the letters or detailing that is a clear indication of forgery. Even sometimes, very simple scrutinizing reveals the forgery. If you can’t find any forgery here, then also it doesn’t mean its original. Now look at the serial number on the bracelet or call some expert to look at it. You must look for lines called “original Rolex design”. You may use some references to compare the serial numbers with the original ones. Sometimes the movement of the dials can also reveal the identity, so have a closer look and search for aligned movement, which may not be possible for the fakes to get. It is because Rolex loves perfection and thus the alignment is also perfectly made.
Some other tips
Those explained above were sure shot identity revelation techniques, but that is not all. You must know that some parts of the Rolex are of solid gold and thus try to find them and scratching may reveal the underlying metal. It’s is the clear proof of the forgery and doesn’t even think of buying these products. So, in this article we see that it is not that tough as it might be heard of, to find a defect in the watch to prove it being real one or a replica Rolex watch.