How to ensure you get the No contact rule right

The no contact rule is one of the best rules that helps you get your relationship back on track, not only does it help you keep your relationship when you get it back, it helps you get it back for all the right reasons. The no contact rule helps you truly define yourself, your motives and also goes a long way to builds your confidence as an individual. Most times after taking this time out, the individual comes out being a more person and an even more refreshed individual, that would contribute more to the relationship, if they have it again and even if you don’t have it again, you would still fulfilled in any decision taken.

Even when you have established he likes you, you have to get the no contact rule right. You are supposed to stay away from any contact with this person, you have to let him or her miss you. The person has to understand and feel your importance when you are not there. They need to get how much your presence means to them, and miss you. This means no matter how tempting it might be to make that drunken call or just get that text out there you have to try to hold yourself in.

During this period, you must also try not to whine and slave over the past, like you want to keep telling everyone about the story over and over again, you must try to ensure that you get your mind past the pain and hurt. Yes, we know it might be difficult, ok, not “might”, it is difficult. But you have to not talk try to think it over, try going out on a few dates, do things for fun; because any generalization you might be having after the breakup , might just be too anger filled and cause another mistake.