How snapchat usernames can be formed to enhance security

Snapchat usernames and kik usernames have something in common and that is the fact that one can use a combination of figures and alphabet to input his or her username. The same thing applies for the password. In the right word, what counts is the type of character., in some social platforms, they insist that one uses an alphanumeric password, main reason is because they are concerned about the security of the password or username, and it is true that username and password that have this combination are not easy to guess while one is trying to input them. This is also one of the ways in which the username can be inputs if one is having problems with using his or her name alone. Adding some figures gives it a uniqueness that makes the username or the password acceptable by the computer.
In case of relativesthat already know one’s name completely, adding figures will make one’s account safe and secure from having access from other sources unknown to the user. It should be noted that even though snapchat and Instagram are similar, they have a lot of differences. One of the major differences between these two applications is that of the kind of effects that can be used on them. For snapchat, the effects and emoji and other kinds of replacements that one can use are so much. This makes snapchat girls love the snapchat effects, because snapchat based its own concentration more on these effects. One common effect that started and received a lot of likes and downloads from snapchat girls is the flower effect. Almost every girl wants to have a picture expressing or showing the flower on her head to the world. These effects can come in the form of a doodle, a filter, a sticker and of course, caption to give the description.