How do e-cigs help tobacco addicts?

There are many times when you may have decided to give up smoking like a chimney and try to move toward a healthier lifestyle but it is easier said than done. Smoking kills- Pick any medical journal, news channel or magazine regarding health, you’d be exposed to the countless horrible evils of smoking tobacco. Now, what to do if you wish to quit? Habits are difficult to break and addictions are even more so. Apart from strong resolve, you need some sort of alternative while your body grows accustomed to function without added advantage of external stimulus such as tobacco. The perfect invention came only a few years back- Electronic cigarette just about solves all these issues and has reformed the lives of many a chain smokers. All you need to do is decide and follow a set course.

An electronic cigarette or an e cig, as it is more popularly known, is a slim and sleek vessel having a striking resemblance with an ordinary cigarette. However, as you read on, you’ll find that it is anything but. An e cig has a small Li-ion rechargeable battery, a microcontroller to glow an LED and to ignite a burner, which in turn heats a liquid nicotine vial. The vapors are then puffed in by the smoker. These vapors are much dilute and pure than the tobacco leaves. The leaves have carcinogenic components and burn to produce a tar like substance, which is the root cause for many lungs and respiration disorders. However, e cigarette has no such side effects. You could puff on apple, bubblegum, mint or plum flavored fumes and suffer from no adverse consequences. Electric cigarette gives you the control that you need in order to quit smoking. It lessens the urge until you are able to function perfectly without relying on a Dunhill or any other smokes brand.

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