How Can An Automatic Pet Feeder Keep Your Pet Healthy?

Were you aware that an estimated 54.0 percent of cats in the USA are categorized as obese and 55.6 percent of dogs will also be obese? To make it worse, 20% are overweight (such statistics were obtained in the 2010 Pet Obesity Study). It is a shocking statistic, contemplating being obese is a significant problem in America for people, and today we see it overflowing to the lifestyles of our pets. What causes this growing problem of unhealthy pets?

There are various reasons, but the significant cause is that the operator’s neglect of what includes a healthy diet for a pet. Popular timed cat feederfor pets are either putting substantial amounts of food at a bowl so that the pet has continuous access to food, or feeding on the pet a lot of occasions through the day, together with all the combination of unhealthy meals. Now let us get real, owners feed pets such as this because it is the easy way out. It is not any different than going to pick up some fast food for supper. Americans are gradually falling into the trap of taking the fast and effortless way out.

Now I am not trying to write an article on that which we must be as Americans, I am trying to make everybody aware of the health risk we are literally hand feeding our pets. Whether we are idle or not, it is ideal to take a look at alternatives, just how do we help keep our pets healthy and happy so that they love us? Well, there are a couple alternatives. The most obvious alternative would be to research healthy foods and research healthy parts for the pet. As much as I want to advise you on the correct amount to feed your pet, I honestly cannot since it changes so much from pet to pet. Another alternative is possibly much simpler. The number of timed cat feeder purchased is growing nearly every year and they give an exceptional manner of maintaining your cat or dog fed with very low maintenance. Automatic cat or dog feeders likely appear pricey but I bet that they cost less than you would think. Based on how complicated you want your version; they can be bought between 10-$100.