Forum Spams Can Be prevented, But Can’t Be Stopped

Forum spamming has become a usual activity in internet forums. The administrators are facing problems in running their forum because of risk of forum spam and the cost and time involved in to prevent these spams. This has resulted in closure of a few forums and more would face closure if curb is not put on the forum spams. Thus, spam prevention has become essential for effective operations of the internet forums.

Spam prevention techniques
Different techniques can be used to prevent forum spams and these are also useful for eliminating and extenuating spams. Some useful techniques are as under:
• CAPTCHA based forum registration, textual confirmation, or email/manual registration confirmation can prevent forum spams.
• List of blacklisting services can be queried to forum software. This is another way of its prevention.
• External filtering service of authoritative voice can detect whether data is spam or not.
• Another way is to restrict posting or to limit posting to certain users can prevent forum spams with the forums.
• Some type of restrictions on registration are helpful in preventing spams which may include manual examination of new entrants, refusal of registration from certain domain extensions or specific domains which are source of spambots, modifying technical details of forum software to create muddle for spambots, investigating usernames for hits from search engine to find spambots on other forums, blocking some registrations or posts with blacklisted words, diverting spammers to spam sub-forums, disabling signature option, and monitoring IP addresses used for unreliable posts are the ways to detect and to prevent forum spams.

Why spam prevention is difficult
Using above techniques can be helpful for form administrators and mediators to restrict spammers from attacking their forums to a great extent, but spammers are tricky and they find new ways to enter these forums. It makes action of the administrators futile. This sometime become load for them to continue with the forum.
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