First team and the Squad in Football Index

Honestly, Football Index is a revolutionary idea which is changing the way betting is done normally. It involves football which has huge popularity among people. With the required knowledge about the game, anyone can earn great profits. Football Index is the football’s stock market. It involves selling and buying of players.

Like any stock market, a person might find a few things complicated in the beginning. But there are many guides and analysis available all over the internet that can help a person to get hold of all kinds of terms involved in it. Football index review can be read. These reviews tell about all what kind of problems can be experienced by any person involved.

What are first team and the Squad?

There are two terms first team and squad involved with Football Index. The first team consists of top 200 players. A person has the chance to choose from these 200 players and can build a portfolio by buying several players. The rest of the players who are not a part of first list are called as the squad. Votes are cast on these remaining players. The two top players who get the maximum votes in the squad replace the two lowest players of the first team. So, a trader should make a wise decision while placing the players on lowest two positions in his or her portfolio. This happens every Friday. The players who get demoted to the squad, their future or investment becomes null and they are removed from trader’s portfolio. Moreover, once a player gets promoted from the squad to first team, he gets an 8 week protection from demotion or relegation. That player gets a padlock sign next to his name.

If anybody has got some doubts, then they should definitely go through the Football index review. These reviews can be of great help.