Explore Paket Tour Raja Ampat for a Beautiful Experience

Raja Ampat is a pristine paradise amidst nature where friendly people welcome the tourists with a warm heart. Away from the hustle bustle of the city and the noise pollution, this place is where Mother Nature resides. If you are planning a holiday then you must take a Paket tour king ampat (Paket tour raja ampat so as to explore the beautiful island.

Paket tour raja ampat
Raja ampat is a magnificent, incredible and a beautiful place to explore. There is so much for sightseeing that you are suggested to take a paket tour RajaAmpatto explore the island. The most eastern island of Indonesia, this place is a home to wildlife and underwater creatures. The packaged tour you take helps you check out the various aspects of the island.
Plan a tour at raja ampat
If you are planning a tour, then you can try various packagesavailable online. Likely, few are listed below;
• Misool tour
• Wayag tour
• Pianemo tour
The misool is a beautiful island of Raja Ampat. For the travelers who like water sports, can go on this tour. You will get to view the underwater scenery, the beaches, and adventures water sports. For those who like the taste of history, you may find traces of misool kingdom and historical sites as well.

Hidden paradise of Indonesia
The Wayag Island is a hidden paradise of Indonesia. The wayag has one of the best dive spots in the world. Not only the coral beauty, Wayag is famous for its sunset and sunrise spots as well. You will find ample of resorts to stay. The resorts are beautifully located amidst nature and are a treat to travelers in itself.
The Pianemo tour is a special tour which covers the island of Pianemo. The tour comprises of trekking, hopping islands, beaching and exploring the nature. When you pass through the Kabuki bay, you get to see the beautiful sea green carpet on the river.
There is a variety of paket tour raja ampatfor a true traveler who wants to explore the beautiful Islands of Indonesia.