Different ways to play pranks on your brother

There are times when you and your brother are alone at home; it would be funnier when you a play pranks on your younger brother. Playing a prank on your brother will easily make him freak and teaches him a lesson about not to disturb you while you are watching television or studying. There are different kinds of pranks that you can play on your brother anytime. But the best place to play a prank is when you are alone at home with your younger brother. But on the other hand, it is important for you to do pranks that are harmless and does not create any harm to the person. Because most of the times people play some dangerous pranks that even make heart failure. So if you are planning to play a prank an on your brother, then there is a list of pranks that you can choose to play.

So here is the list of pranks that you can play with your brother:

 Small shoes- try to stuff some cotton into the toes of your brother’s favorite shoes. He will surely think his feet have grown or will make him freak easily.

 Stuck- you can glue the shampoo bottle when he is going for a bath and gets unable to open it. You even have to make sure that is there is no other bottle available in the bathroom.

 Sticky- try to unscrew the shower and put some cool drink powder behind the filter. Surely your brother will get surprised when a sticky, bright and messy pouring comes down from the shower.

 Closed- sew up a fly in your brother’s underwear. This is one of the best tricks that work best when he will have to use the public restroom.

 No foam- you can even coat the bar of soap with nail polish and make it dry. Then put this into the shower.

So these were the few ways to play pranks on your brother.