Different Types of Ice Skates; Enjoy Skating

Some people skate for enjoyment, and some have taken it like sports. Whatever the reason may be, ice skates have improved dramatically over the period of time. Many people have taken ice skating as a profession as well. You can play a variety of game like ice hockey, speed skating, figure skating and much more.

Types of ice skates
The overall increase in the number of skating activities, the ice skating has evolved as well. There are now various types of ice skates available differing for those who just have fun and for those who have taken it as a profession.
Figure ice skates
Figure skates are custom made ice skates for the professionalskaters. The figure skates are made of leather to give adequate flexibility around the skater’s ankle. The blades of these skates extend at the back of the skate boot. The curved front is serrated to help the skater perform professional moves. This skate is designed to allow the skater to jump, spin and perform on the ice deliberately. These skates are expensive prior to its custom designs.
Recreational ice skates
As the name says, these skates are for those who enjoy doing ice skating for fun and recreation. The skates are a look-alike of figure ice skates, although they are less structured and unpadded. Unlike the figure skates, these skates come with double bade to give full balance to the skater. Since it is for recreation purpose only, they are cheaper than the professional skates.

Hockey Skates
Since the sport is rough and requires a lot of balancing, hockey skates are well designed to meet all the sportsman’s demands. The shoes are angled to look exactly like the athlete’s shoes. They are lighter in weight and come with a lot of padding to give support to the ankle. Unlike figure skates, the blades are attached to the shoes itself to provide comfort and support to the athletes.