Copyright Free Music – What Does It Really Mean?

Simply put, copyright free music describes a piece of music that you can legally use as much as you want after paying a one-time license fee.
Copyright Free Music also called royalty free musiccame into being during the 1980’s, when broadcasters and producers had to pay a fee every time they make use of the same music. For instance, if you were producing a TV show which plays some music at the beginning of the show, and repeats the same music at the end of the show. You would have to pay a fee for using the music at the beginning, and another fee again for using the music at the end. And if the TV show was broadcast daily, you would have to pay the same fees everyday. This music usage fees were frequentlycalled “Needle-drop” fees.

But when royaltroyalty free music y free music was introduced, there was a change of story, as itallows producers to pay only a one-time license fee for the music, and use the music as much as they want. Royalty free music is cheaper and offers great convenience because producers no longer have to measure the duration that the music was used, calculate fees per use and re-use, etc. More reason why turning to copyright free music rapidly became a widespread way of obtaining music.
However, a piece of music can only become a royalty free music if the publisher or composer decides to make this music available on a royaltyfree basis. As a result, music from well-known musicians may not be found on a royalty-free basis, because most of them tend to maximize their profits by commercializing their music.
Fortunately, there are websites nowadays like, that offer great collections of copyright free music for video where the licensing procedure has been made really simple without any complexity.