Clash Royale – How to get gold and free gems

Clash Royale is the most recent game in the Clash franchise by Supercell (the first one, of course, being Clash of Clans). The same as in its forerunner, gems and gold play a important part in this MOBA/card Clashr hybrid vehicle, except maybe even moreso. They are quite hard to come across at times, but gems and gold are extremely precious and will earn you more cards and other various goodies. Read generateur clash royal tips on how to get gems and free gold in Clash Royale!

One of the key strategies to mane free gems is by finishing the accomplishments. Exploit on the icon which resembles a blue ribbon in order to bring the accomplishments up. Go back, then entire one of these and collect your compensation for free gems. Otherwise, in case you go to the menu there will not be any compensation but you can still use it to find out what you need to do to earn more gems.
The standard chests give you so or 20 gold, along with a semi-decent opportunity at gems. Standard Chests would be the ones that reappear every couple of hours roughly. They can be earned by you from clash, but not that frequently. Bizarrely, it’s a lot more common you will end up earning silver chests during clash.
Silver chests have an even better chance at earning free gems. Gold chests, even moreso, and then magic chests, still moreso. The crown chests, which are accessible once every 24 hours or so and after that need 10 crowns earned in clash in order to get them, earn you goods equal to magic chest or a gold, so roll up these chests as frequently as you can as well.