Carpet cleaning services and the technologies used by them

The carpet cleaning service has become an important part of housekeeping services and many attempts have been made to find good and better solutions for the same. Many technologies are used according to the material and the place and the need of the cleaning. The carpet doctor is one such service provider and they advertise their services mentioning the technology they use and the advantages over the older and earlier technologies.

This company uses the vacuum cleaning technology with good cleaning materials and they have a suction system that will remove the water also immediately and let the carpet dry within minutes. They pump hot water into the carpet and then agitate it with twin rotating brushed to enable the dust and dirt to be removed easily. Hot water kills the germs and prevents the bad odor. Then the dirty water is sucked with the help of vacuum system like a vacuum cleaner, this removes the dirt and the water and gives us a good clean carpet. The cleaning machine uses small footprints, helps in cleaning hard to reach corners. They also use two times faster rotating giant power brushes for better cleaning. The hot water extraction system enables drying of the carpet within three hours as against the usual 24 hours. There is a dual filter system that helps to absorb fine dust and debris.
The other technologies available with Singapore carpet cleaning service providers include dry cleaning where the carpet is sprinkled with certain cleaning chemicals that will go into the carpet and remove the dirt by coagulation like soaps cleaning action. The dirt is removed with the help of vacuum cleaners.
The professional carpet cleaning companies have trained personnel to do the job well. The job is handled in a professional manner matching the requirement of big business houses.
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