Bookmark- different uses of having a bookmark

Usually, the use of bookmark is seen in library books.The pages where you stop reading keep a bookmark so that when you open the book next time you will get back to that page easily. This is one of the best methods to mark the unread pages of the books. Usually the accountants make use of bookmarks keeping them in their books helps them remember on which page they were working the previous day. But as the generation is getting better each day the use of bookmark is changed.

Here are some of the different uses made through bookmarks:
Use it as gift tags- to make your gifts look attractive there is an option of using bookmarks. Today there are various colorful designs available made on bookmarks which you can use to make the wedding, birthday gifts cards look pretty enough to the remember.
Helps them inform about the reading club- if you have a reading group than you make use of bookmarks and change them every month. It will help them get a new name for reading book easily. Getting a new name will create an interest among the readers to read more.
Sell off your items easily- through the use of personal planner you can make things sell. Making some impression will help you create an idea of packing it in gift wrappers and sticking a bookmark makes people interesting in buying them. Usually, this kind of thing is done in small restaurants over the hotcakes and small chocolates.
Use it as party invitations- you can also make the use of bookmark for a particular date also. While inviting people for parties you can add bookmarks over the invitation cards easily.

These are some best tips to use the bookmark for different purposes easily and do something interesting.