Best Way To Clean a Bong in Simple Steps

How to clean a bong
What sucks a lot more than a filthy bong? Cleaning a dirty bong. Like rolling a joint that is good or cornering a bowl learning how to clean a bong is a stoner crucial. Why? Well should you not learn How to clean a bong correctly you will either break lots of ’em, dump lots of bongs that are filthy in the garbage or simply get used to the taste of dirty and grass bong water.

It looks like a resin- bong that is covered is more susceptible to breakage when compared to a clean one when dropped on the garage floor. Accurate narrative. Anyway you need to learn to clean a bong as you also have a great deal of high-priced water pipes and bongs, oil rigs, bubblers whatever and could be cool —but when they are caked in resin and filled with thick, sludgy superb gross bong nobody is influenced. Is a reason to turn down a bong hit? No. What is wrong with you? Do not ever turn a bong hit down, man.

Wait what were we talking about? Clean bong good. Filthy bong poor. Oh yeah. That is right—how to clean a bong. Here we’ll break down this shit. We’ll first give you what we believe is the most effective method to clean a bong—because it’s works and consistently fast, easy, is cost effective—we’ll even break it down for you step by step. Afterward we’ll clue you in on several strategies to maintain your bong toss and clean in a number of expert tips on the way. Ya ready?

How to clean a bong FAST AND SIMPLE
You are in a rush. You do not have time to bust out shit and sponges and the scrubbers. It’s trendy, we have all been there. Here’s all you have gotta do.
Cover openings
That is it, man, you are done. Quite easy. Your bong is probably cleaner than it was before you began. But it’s not gleaming clean that is spotless. Still though this approach works for glass bongs, water pipes, oil rigs, bubblers essentially whatever’s caked with resin you want to fast-clean. Only ensure to rinse it really well once you are done. There is no need to smoke through any lingering alcohol vapors, ya understand?

Anyway, cleaning a bong totally is not hard. It’s only time consuming. If you actually want to deeply clean your pipes and bongs thus they are appearing as good as new only follow our five step “how to clean a bong completely” procedure under.