Are you interested in the running race?

Racing has been practice in this world since from a long time. In the history pages, you will also get the term marathon in it. It is said to be the oldest form of the athletic event on which people think pride. Now it’s become one of the biggest events of all big countries. Many of the countries now organize such types of events in their country and invite people for being a part of this race.

Have a look at a correct meaning of marathon?
A long distance foot race which is termed as an official is said to be a marathon. It is about 14.195 kilometers. This race has been a part of the race history of the Greece. Slowly it’s now become a part of the Olympic Games. It was started since from the 1896 games. Now in this race, Athens has to cover around 40 kilometers which are known to be a complete marathon. Today a race- the course has been set by the organizers who organize such types of events in their country. In this event, they use to invite several Athens from the world across. In the year 1908 Olympic Games firstly introduce this race-course in their game.

This is known to be a start of the running in the games. Under this race all the runners need to start their race from the same point, they event also arranged in the form of the waves too. Athens who firstly completes the race is known to be the winning of that race. This race is really lengthy because which Athens take almost one hour for completing this race.
Some of the Athens also goes for the trail race because of which they get the habit of running such a lengthy race. This may say to be a warm-up for the experienced runners.