All you want to know about obesity

Obesity is almost becoming an epidemic. The reasons for it are many. People drive or ride rather than walk. At work people sit and work rather than do manual labor. People play games and sports on their mobile devices and computers rather than on the playfield and more.

Due to all these, people are not only overweight but are obese. Infact this problem is not only limited to adults but children are affected as well. It also has affected people all around the world.
True, obesity is in a measure the result of one’s genes but also access to fatty foods and sweets as well as lack of exercise and modern passive lifestyles speed up the process as well. We consume more calories and expend fewer as the days go by.
Obesity increases the risks for a number of diseases such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, joint pains, kidney problems, liver problems and a host of other problems more serious like cancers, strokes and more.
Therefore, people should first of all realize when they should start worrying and start doing things to control their weight. This is when their BMI is more than 25. Infact between 25 and 29.9 the person is considered as overweight. When the BMI is more than 29.9 the person is considered as obese. When the waist size is more than 36 for a female and 40 for a male, the person is obese.
To counter this one should immediately start taking phenq or start exercising. Infact a combination of phenq and exercise is better. What is perhaps the best solution is taking phenq, exercising as well as eating healthy food.
Foods consumed should be high in fiber and should be low in fat. The food should be low on carbohydrates. One should fill up on vegetables and fruits and raw food rather than processed food.
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