Action Cameras – Why Go Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi connectivity and gadgets go hand in hand, from smartphones and tablets to games consoles and televisions, the capacity to connect and share with the net is now a standard part of daily life for a lot people.
But while phones, tablets and such like have been using Wi-Fi operation for what seems like forever, it has taken a little while more for different regions of the technology/gadget marketplace to catch up, such as best action camera under 100.

But times they are a changin’, and the current flurry of Wi-Fi action cameras to go into the marketplace implies that the Wi-Fi revolution has well and truly arrived in action camera city. However, what’s the purpose of everything, and can Wi-Fi compatibility warrant the additional pay?
Quite simply, the solution is yes, and here are a couple of reasons why.
Remote control – Using either a designated Wi-Fi distant or linked mobile device, users are able to get into the camera’s settings and change between modes without needing to touch camera itself. Remote performance is particularly helpful in scenarios where a camera has been mounted out of reach, like on the exterior of a car, or even in addition to a helmet.
Viewfinder – Users may flip their mobile device to a live viewfinder, letting them view the eye of the camera (so to speak) so as to line up pictures and check the camera’s placement while on the go. Again, this is particularly helpful once the best action camera under 100 is mounted out of reach.
Streaming – Consumers are able to stream footage into a smartphone, computer or tablet, so friends and they can watch the action as it occurs.
Sharing – Not only can users flow footage live, in most cases users are able to upload it directly to the societal web, make sure it Facebook, YouTube or even Twitter. This isn’t just helpful for displaying your abilities, but also for freeing up space on the memory card.