Acid infused with drugs to get ecstatic feelings lead to death

acid infused to the drugs very h armful. But acid is infused in most drugs. It is added to the other strong drugs like heroin, ecstasy, and LSD. Drug dealers can’t make a profit if not laced with LSD, ecstasy and another drug. As if they sell pure amount, then they have to sell them in a higher charge.

Acid infused to make drugs stronger
The most critical is when the drugs are mixed with toxic chemicals, to make it saleable on higher charges.
Though they can’t recognize that weeds are laced. Depending on the type of weeds added to the bud, it may be fatal also. Some common side effects of laced weeds are Numbness, Increasing heart rate, Hallucinations, dizziness, nausea, heart rate is lowered, diarrhea, anxiety, insomnia, and appetite is also decreased.
Acid infused weeds are laced with toxic matters like detergent, glass, fuel; then the side effects are stronger. The addict may die also. Glass may cut intestine, which may cause a bleeding internally digestive problem.
Other side effects of laced weeds
Intake of detergents with drugs may be fatal; it may cause organ failure lead to death. So the serious consequences are coma and death.
Unique joints are created by mixing weed with drugs which offer stronger high. The most available drugs sold on the road side are cocaine with weed laced.

It can be mixed with the bad for stimulating purpose, as it looks like white powder. PCP is another hallucinogen which is sold on the street after mixing with weed.
Use of PCP laced with weeds may cause more aggression and give a feeling of detachment from the surroundings. It is very necessary to have knowledge of weeds and acid infused. So you can save yourself from death.