4 tips for understanding character’s emotions that will help you Read Manga

One of the best ways to Read Manga is by understanding the emotions of individual characters. Being special in its reading style, this Japanese comic possesses various characters whose way of expression is different too. So, have a look at the methods to go through the character’s emotions effectively.
If you fail to understand a single emotion, you won’t be able to get into the actual theme of Manga.
Tips to interpret character’s emotions:
• A sigh bubble must be read as a relief expression-
Many times, you will see that the characters of this comic series are illustrated with a single empty dialogue bubble. The illustration is mostly present below the character’s mouth. Well, the indication of this bubble is that the character is moaning or breathing out heavily. You can easily interpret it as a sign of annoyance or upset.
• Interpret lines across a character’s face as blushing-
Various characters are present with lines drawn across their cheeks and nose. Willing to know what do those lines depict? Well, you can interpret as a symbol of blushing. Or else, you can interpret them as a situation of overjoy, embarrassment as well as possessing romantic feelings for some other character.
Isn’t it exciting? Of course, it is!
• Reading a bleeding nose as lust-
Generally, people think that a bleeding nose is a symbol of injury. But, here in this comic series, this factor is not the same as other comics. If you come across any character with a bleeding nose, it means that it has some lustful thoughts for some other character of the opposite sex.
You may also interpret it as if a character is staring lustfully at some other characters especially an attractive woman.
• Sweat drop is a symbol of embarrassment-
In some chapters, you may see that a character is having a single drop of sweat near his or her head. It is an indication of embarrassment or feeling uncomfortable.
So, reading Manga Online will be more interesting once you start interpreting the emotions each character is indicating.