Best pranks this Christmas season

With the advancing technologies, the world is becoming smaller day by day. You get updates from the people who are sitting in the other corner of the world and even if you are not directly connected with them. They post all their experiences, celebrations and other funny stuff on YouTube, Facebook etc. these days prank wars is on the greatest heights as people are engaged with all the periodical jokes to make fun of their friends and families. YouTube is such a special platform where you can find such streaming videos. People plan various pranks and get these pranks posted on such platforms to avail the worldly appreciations. They make their respective channels and regularly post their efforts on YouTube.


Such similar activities are proactively done by Wengie. She is a proactive you tuber and regularly uploads such videos as Wengie pranks and hacks. You can subscribe her channel Reacticorns and enjoy the latest videos which can make you laugh out loud. Her latest video is on this platform and is already a huge hit globally. The content of her video is 10 best hacks for this Christmas. Here you get the exact description of her prank no 2 which is the fridge wrap. With this prank, you can create out a funny moment with your brother sister and family members and make them laugh out loud with the same.
For this prank, you need secrecy, lots of gift wrapping paper. Now secretly go to the kitchen and take out all the eatable items you see in the refrigerator. Start wrapping all the gift items and complete the process as quickly as you can. The reason behind being quick is as you do not know when the hunger strikes with your brother or sister. Slowly place all the items in the freezer and record the reactions of those who will open the refrigerator when the hunger strikes.

How to stop smoking with laser therapy quit smoking sessions

Do you remember the day when you were not addicted to smoking and your life was running well? And suddenly one day you gave a try to a new thing and it has become your weakness now. Smoking is the morbid habit and we all know about its dangerous result. Then why do we get this habit and find it really hard to cut it from our life?

The reason is that of the release of the pleasing hormone, endorphins which make you feel relaxed and calm. This renders you to get its addiction because whenever you feel anxiety or stressed this act as a medicine to calm you at that stage. However, its positive effect on calming you is the temporary and negative effect is severe. One can get chronic diseases more easily when he or she adapts the habit of smoking. For the treatment of smoking habit, there are laser treatment for smoking offered by nulife laser clinic to get aid smoking cessation.
The addiction of smoking consists of various aspects. These are mentioned below.
• Physical addiction
The treatment for smoking cessation stimulates the release of hormone endorphins which stop the need for nicotine. Therefore, your craving for nicotine is stopped while you undergo the detoxification process. The treatment is performed by applying it on your head nose, ears, and feets. You may feel a slight tingling sensation, but most of the patients don’t feel the same. After the treatment, you may return to, your normal life and feel relaxed. You will also get better sleep.
• Psychological addiction
During this phase of treatment, you develop the habit of elimination negative thoughts and cravings. This helps to recognize triggers and patterns, and cope with the stresses without nicotine.
The treatment includes printed information which reminds you to stay in control.
• Detoxification
The detox program helps to decrease the intake of nicotine in your body. Hence, with no nicotine in your system, you will not crave for it.

Star Wars Lego Toys – Some of the Best Film Toy Lines About

Lego has been one of the most well-known toys among young kids, using a classic designed which has worked for many years while also integrating elements from modern pop culture. Definitely the hottest Lego series in the past few years has been the assortment of Lego Star Wars collections, the achievement of that has even spawned video game releases.

The dimensions of the Star Wars narrative universe means that there’s almost restricted extent for Lego models, with hundreds of unique vehicles, figures and settings to select from classic space. Several of the hottest Lego Star Wars models derive from spaceships like the Millennium Falcon or even the X-Wing. The majority of these models contain missile shooting gadgets, retractable landing gear and other complex parts, which means that you can stage your personal dogfights between anything vehicles you pick. A few Lego models even contain motorization, like the Walking AT-AT.

Almost each of the movies and a variety of series is represented from the Lego series, including the original and prequel trilogies, and also the more recent Clone Wars TV series. Each of the main characters is available in Lego form, possibly included with collections or available to purchase separately. They are sometimes set inside vehicles or used in places like Jabba’s Palace or the Mos Eisley Cantina.

The video games form an ideal complement to all these Lego sets, letting you battle your way through the whole franchise using Lego themed characters, however lacking from the hands-on facet of the bricks and figurines.
The amount of Lego sets available means you’re going to be able to discover something requiring as little or as much involvement as you’d like, from the comparatively straightforward V-Wing into the huge 800-piece Clone Turbo Tank. This variety is ideal for fans of the franchise that wish to take charge of the tales themselves, and even movie their very own Lego Star Wars films, but Star Wars Lego toys are also an excellent way to introduce children to the world of Lego, utilizing the characters that they know and love.