What Happens to Runescape Classic?

Runescape, that is possessed by Jagex,’s existed for quite some time today, but in the past few years, Runescape has truly taken off, a few of the more old school Runescape players can recall the first Runescape, currently named “Runescape Classic” or RSC.

Despite this, well not even being quite long ago that it had been about, Runescape 2, which the variant you more then probably understand, was published, so clearly pretty much everybody moved over to play with the new Runescape, naturally there are still a few players that play classic.

The significant change, was once Jagex made it so anybody can play Runescape two, but only members could play with the first Runescape, this was among the initial problems that lots of players confronted, but later, Runescape classic then closed it’s door’s to new members, which means that you were just able to play with RSC if you’d logged in over the previous 3/6 weeks.

There was a few rumours about Jagex opening up RSC for gamers to host their own servers or something quite similar, IE they would need to pay x amount monthly to Jagex to possess their very own Runescape classic universe, I am assuming that would imply they would have the ability to control whatever, but I doubt you would have the ability to play the identical character on two Runescape classic worlds.

This does look to be a very intelligent move for Jagex, there are lots of RSPS on the market, but not a single one of them even comes to near just how good Runescape Classic has been, there are still a great deal of movies on YouTube should you would like to have a look at a timeless participant killing / game drama.

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